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Our Story

AC1 Customs was set up in 2020 by brothers Adam and Luke to bring high end, high performance vans and camper vans to the South West and beyond. AC1 Customs do not focus on any particular van as there are many vans on the market that might fit your needs. Whether you know exactly what you want out of a van, or are a complete van novice, AC1 will assist you along the way. This is why AC1 also hire vans, so you can take a very comfortable trip down to the south west (and beyond) and start your van life journey!

High Performing

Adam brings many years of experience from the world of motorsport where he designed and built luxury, bespoke team support trailers for companies such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo.  He is a talented craftsman and joiner who can work with any material you throw at him! His knowledge of sports utility vehicles and conversions is an invaluable part of AC1 Customs. If you are struggling to know what you want, Adam will be able to advise you, and then engineer it into your perfect van.

Dan, our Chief Engineer, works magic on all things mechanical from engines to stereo systems, he really knows how a van and engine works from the inside out. Previously working as a head mechanic for VW, he has vast experience in building and fixing every mechanical feature you can think of.  Seeking a new challenge he joined AC1 Customs to help build and convert bespoke vans using only the highest quality materials and sustainable power sources. He brings so much knowledge to the team.


Luke, with a successful background in business, software and environmental engineering, brings the sustainable angle to the business as well as the enthusiasm. Ever the entrepreneur, he set up this new business with his brother Adam to change the van sector for the better. A very proud owner of a T5 VW Transporter himself, he fully understands how the versatility of a van really improves how much fun you can have. The fun must go on and with reliable diesel engines sadly on the way out, vans may struggle to get where they need to go!

Luke brings innovation to the team, always seeking out the most sustainable options and currently deep diving into the world of hybrid electric engines and hydrogen power. AC1 Customs Ltd are not afraid to challenge boundaries, drive creativity and explore new ideas. Luke works on the basis that no request is too difficult for the AC1 team. If you are interested in collaborating with us please give Luke a ring – 07968951452.

AC1 Customs have partnered with Electric Wheels as authorised agents for electric Utility Vehicles (eUVs) to provide all-terrain zero carbon transport options to a multitude of industries to hire or to buy. We have a range of options available from ‘the nipper’ with an electric tipper, ‘the worker’ and electric powered motorbikes, for more information visit the Hire page.

A key focus for AC1 Customs is sustainability, so partnering with Electric Wheels and setting up a Bridgwater hub was a natural progression for us. These vehicles allow customers to enjoy their environment in a fun, efficient and most importantly environmentally friendly way. With no fugitive emissions, noise or need for petrol or diesel, Electric Wheels and AC1 Customs are changing the approach to utility vehicles. AC1 Customs look forward to developing the Electric Wheels Bridgwater Hub and bringing sustainability to the South West.

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Performance Corner

At AC1 Customs we love taking on interesting projects. We love VW and in homage to this beauty of a Mark 2 Golf we thought it needed some upgraded sleeper appeal, so are fitting a 1.8L 20 VT Audi TT engine. We are also working on the restoration of a speed boat that would otherwise have remained in a hedge! Our Chief Engineer, Dan, is a mechanical mastermind and is in charge of all R&D projects. Performance corner is where all our R&D hybrid and electric projects take place and we will keep updating our social media on performance corner progress.

Come And Meet Us

We’re proud of our vans here at AC1 Customs and the level of expertise that goes into building each one, we love to share that passion with visitors. Come and visit our design hub where we can show you the vans in the workshop and explain, in detail, all the unique features of an AC1 van.